ASAP Locksmith is the locksmith industry leader in Los Angeles, we are mobile with 24 hour services.
Over the years we have gained experience with all types of safes and locks, Today we are proud to be in a position where there is no challenge (safe) that we can not crack.
Our Safe Services Include Safe Lockout, Safe Repair, Key Duplication, Open Safe, Safe Combination Change and more:

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We offer wide range of safe services:

Safe Cracking / Safe Opening

Can’t open your safe? Your safe is locked? Often people think that once a locksmith opens their safe it wont be usable or functional but it’s not true. However this is not a case. This misconception happens when an inexperienced locksmiths attempts to open a safe with the incorrect tools. A damaged safe lock is the outcome. However hiring ASAP Locksmith is a reliable and well trained locksmith to take care of this for you.

How Much It Cost to Crack A Safe?

It is almost impossible to estimate the cost of breaking a safe. The technician should examine why the lock is stuck or why does not the safe open, the safe may open after lubrication of the lock for a few cents or in the worst case, the door of the vault will have to be sawed out. Anyway, our service call is 19$ in Los Angeles area. locksmith costs table

Safe Openning
Safe Installation Behind Photo

Safe Installation

To archive the best Installation for your safe, it has to be resilient and proper. No matter where you need the safe in your office or at your home we will install it. No job is hard for us, we have the best locksmiths on board who helps you every day in protecting yourself. Our safe installations are highly secure and easy to use for anyone and at any time.
Common places where we are asked to install safes: in a wardrobe, behind a picture, in the floor under the ballet, behind the mirror and more. We can install any kind of safe anywhere.

Safe Repair

If it is difficult for you to insert the key in the lock? avoid breaking the key in the lock and creating additional problems. If the lock is difficult to turn or the lock is stuck, we will fix the safe and return it to work properly as it did on the first day like a new safe.
Our service also includes maintenance for your safes since they need time to time checkups to see if they work properly. They are prone to issues if not checked and repaired. We protect what matters to you and we do our work which will be the most convenient to you, Maintenance will include thorough checking of the locks and their functionality, their condition and any necessary changes that should be done.

Safe Repair Services

For 24 Hour / 7 Days Safe Services – CALL NOW: (866) 550-5625

Duplicate Safe Keys

We replicate almost every type of key, we also duplicate safe keys. If have you lost your spare keys, you should ask us to clone your keys to have a backup and avoid locking the safe without being able to open again.

Change Safe Combination / Re-key Safe Lock

Change the opening combination code of the safe or create new keys for the safe without changing the lock. If you are concerned that someone has found the password to open the safe or lost a backup key, you may request this service to keep the unwanted people away from your safe.
If you forget your combination code or you think it’s not safe enough we also provide the service to change it whenever the need arises.

Safes Types We Serve:

  • Gun Safe
  • Electronic Safe
  • Wall Safe
  • Cash Boxes
  • Floor Safe
  • Media Safes (Data Safes)
  • Fire Safe
  • High Security Safe
  • Drop Safe (Depository Safes)
  • Fingerprint Safe
  • Hand Gun Safe
  • Standalone Home Safe
  • Jewelry Safe
  • Hotel Safe
  • And of course, Bank Vaults

More about our safe services:

Remodeling your office, renovations are taking place in your home, we provide safe removal of safes from anywhere without damaging any of your other property. We can also install a new lock or a combination to upgrade your security level to a new level. When you choosing the right safe for home / business you can ask for advise for free from us 🙂

How much can I expect to pay if you open my safe? An over the phone estimate for this situation, will only be a guess according to the explanation given over the phone. There’s no way to really know until the locksmith is actually present and is able to diagnose the situation. Only then will they be able to give you an estimate of how much the service will be.