Losing your house keys and not knowing where to find them is one of the most awful experiences you can ever have. It does not only create an inconveniencing situation, it also creates a security threat as the lost key might fall into the hands of a wrong person.
ASAP Locksmith is here to bring back the safety by rekeying or change the locks and create for you spare keys to avoid this situation from happen again.

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Why ASAP Locksmith

Hiring us to handle this situation is the safest solution. To remedy this situation, in addition to picking your locks we may opt to either rekey your locks or changing your locks entirely to keep the wrong person who found your lost keys away.
Our technicians are abreast with the latest technology, and have a great experience in lockouts, each technician trained to provide all set of services for lockouts so that you can have access to your home with your brand-new key set.

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We offer round the clock service every day and at any time regardless of your location in Los Angeles. contact us today for more information, a free consultation, and costing.

Lost House Keys

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Im locked out of my house

The absence of any spare keys, the next best solution will be to hire a locksmith and avoid unnecessary damage when you locked out of house.

How to find lost keys

From the moment you notice that your key has been lost, the first step will be to look for it in the fixed places, and look in depth. The second step is to go back the same way you came and try to find out if they fell along the way. The third step is to ask the people you met that day.