Locksmith Los AngelesProviding quality security of your life, your loved one and property will always top on your list of priorities as a homeowner. Amongst all the lock and key security hardware devices used by locksmiths to provide the much need security for our lives and property, the Lock is the most fundamental of them all. We use locks and keys to safeguard our homes, businesses, offices, cars and personal property all the time. Locks have been around for centuries and are still being used provide security wherever it is required. From traditional single cylinder locks, tumbler locks, deadbolt locks to double cylinder locks; no residential or commercial Locksmith security system is truly complete without the use of locks.
Locks are usually classified according to their function. For instance, locks which are normally used in homes are called home security locks or considered as residential grade security locks while those used in offices, stores or lockup shops are known as business security locks or considered as commercial  grade security locks.
Mortise locks are a category of home security locks that are usually installed in a pocket on the door of many homes, residential buildings and apartments. The door on which the mortise door is to be installed requires a minimum thickness of at least 2 inches for it to be fully effective. In as much as a mortise lock reduces the integrity of the wooden door, many security experts still agree that mortise locks are stronger and much more versatile than its bored cylindrical counterpart. If you are still wondering what the advantages of installing a mortise lock in your home, here are 4 advantages of mortise locks you should know about.
1. Mortise Locks Can Be Secured From Both Ends. One of the advantages of installing a mortise lock on your doors at home is that you can lock the door from both sides, i.e. from both inside and outside. This makes it ideal for front doors, providing security both when you are in or out of your home.
2. Mortise Locks Are Available In Different Sizes. Unlike the old mortises, modern day mortise locks are now available in different sizes to fit the needs of any particular door you have at home. You can always consult with a reliable locksmith technician on how to merge your mortise locks with other home security hardware devices for better protection.
3. Another security benefit of mortise locks is that it has to be opened with a key from the outside and a latch from the inside. This unique feature makes it suitable for entrance doors. Mortise locks can be locked from the outside during the day and from the inside at night, thus providing your home with 24 hour protection.
4. Mortise Locks Are Ideal For Your Kid’s Rooms: Mortise locks also have a special known as the ‘passage function’ which allows a door to be secured or shut without being locked, making it ideal for children’s rooms.
Most home security experts recommend using mortise locks with 5 to 6 lock levers for better protection. If you are thinking of having a mortise lock installed in your home, endeavor to consult with an experienced and trustworthy residential locksmith on how you can purchase the best mortise locks available on the market.

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