Car remote controllers are a nice convenience every automobile owner is privileged to have, but like every other thing, they stop working and wear out due to age and frequent use. There are different reasons why your car key remote might start malfunctioning, but it is easy to fix if you can successfully diagnose the problem.

Common Problems of a Car Remote Controller:

1. Battery life

The most common problem associated with a car remote control is a dead battery, in which case, promptly replacing the car remote battery should fix the problem. Most automobile owners often overlook the importance of maintaining their car remote control batteries because it is seen as not so vital. However, a dead battery will prevent a car from starting.

Battery for car remote control

2. Buttons

Although dead batteries are a leading cause of failing car remote controls, they are not the only reason this can happen. Another possibility is the buttons on the remote control may become loose. You can easily tell when this happens because a button that is loose won’t have the same feel when it is clicked. Fixing this problem may only require pushing the loose button back into place, which should do the trick except when the button is completely off the circuit board.

Car Remote Broken Button

3. Program

In a situation where your car remote control battery and buttons are in place, but the remote is malfunctioning, a simple reprogramming is required to fix the remote. You can reprogram your car remote control yourself by only looking through your car’s manual for instructions on how to fix the problem. However, if you cannot find your manual and you don’t know how to go about this process, contacting ASAP Locksmith will be your best choice.

Car Key Program

With our locksmith service, it is easy to get your car remote control fixed or replaced. We offer top-notch services that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. You are guaranteed a fair price and quality care if you choose to work with us. Our technicians are available to come to you at any time of the day regardless of your location.