As a commercial property owner, keeping your property, employees, and customers safe and secure should be your top priority. Implementing a master key system is a smart way to add an extra layer of security to your space.

The system grants complete or restricted access to different and all keys in a building with a single key, thereby bringing down the number of keys in circulation among the employees.

Master key systems are particularly an ideal solution for owners and management-level personnel of a building that has several rooms and different levels of authority among the individuals.

Levels of Master Key Systems

Levels of Master Key Systems

There are different levels of master key systems;

• Master key

• Change Key

• Grandmaster Key

• Great Grandmaster Key

Why Your Business Needs a Master Key System?

There are many reasons a master key system can be beneficial for your business or organization. Some of them include;

Multiple Locks with the Same Key

As mentioned earlier, a master key eliminates the need of maintaining a bunch of keys floating around and keeping track of them and lets you lock or unlock any lock on your property with a single key.

Key Authorization and Control

A master key system helps property owners and managers to have complete control over who can possess which kind of key and access a certain room or area of their property.

In case of a break-in or theft, you can track down the employees or group of employees who had the access to unlock the door in question and take the appropriate action.

Additionally, since certain employees are given access to specific areas, reconfiguring the locks on specific doors is easier if any of them ever quits.

Administrators can have complete control over all areas of their property.

No Unauthorized Duplication of Restricted Keys

A master key system can be customized to grant your employees access to only the different areas that they are authorized to, which in turn can enhance the security of your business.

In addition, when this system is integrated with high-security locks, it ensures that the corresponding keys cannot be duplicated until you express permission.

Moreover, a single key operating different locks drastically bring down the likelihood of getting keys lost or stolen.

Saving on Key Cutting Cost

If any of your employees loses his key, it is important to change all of the locks or get them rekeyed to prevent a potential breach of security.

A master key system helps you save the cost involved in such situations by getting that specific lock rekeyed.

Master Key for All Locks – A Smart Solution for the Ultimate Peace of Mind

Switching to a master key system is a great way to get rid of the hassle of carrying around a bunch of keys for every single door on your property, manage greater key control and improve the security of your business without breaking the bank.

While you can benefit from a master key system in various ways, it is important to make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands to keep your space safe and secure.

Master Key System Installation Services Los Angeles

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