Locksmith Los AngelesPutting aside any form of burglar attack on your home or office, there are quite a number of reasons why your home or office safe may need to be cracked. For example, you might have misplace or lost the keys to your safe, or completely forgotten the combinations for unlocking your safe. The locks of your safe may begin to malfunction unexpectedly; giving you troubles each time to unlock your safe. Whatever the reason for your safe related troubles, you can conveniently solve the problem once you conversant with various working techniques that will show you how to open a safe without going through any unnecessary hassles. However, if you aren’t conversant with these methods, you can always hire a competent, reliable and trustworthy locksmith technician to help you unlock your safe without delay. Some common safe opening techniques used by experienced locksmith technicians in the industry include:

Manipulating Combination Safe Locks

Residential and commercial grade safes with combination locks can be opened by manipulating its combinations if the owner can’t seem to remember them again. Manipulating a safe’s combination lock is an, extraordinary and well respected technique mostly used by highly experienced safe locksmith technicians with complete knowledge and understanding of how to unlock a safe through the use of its combination dial. Armed with the relevant safe unlocking tools such as a stethoscopes, practiced safe opening technicians will listen faint sounds made by the dial, while also paying close attention to variations in resistance. Though this method of safe opening is quiet lengthy and time consuming, if done properly will ultimately open the safe without causing any damage and leaving it in perfect working condition for you.

Drilling and Scoping Safe opening:

There are certain occasions when the only option available to a professional safe locksmith is to unlock the safe by drilling into it. However, drilling a safe in order to open it requires close knowledge and understanding of the safe’s locking mechanism. This is a very important aspect of safe drilling because it determines where the safe locksmith position the drill hole in order to allow precision instruments to be inserted through the hole and used to unlock the safe. Although many safes on the market are quite easy to drill, some manufacturers still incorporate glass plates into certain models of commercial and residential grade safes. The glass plates are mean to shatter when hit by a drill bit, causing iron rods inside the safe to fall into place thereby making the safe much more difficult to open.

The scoping method of safe opening involves drilling a small hole and inserting a borescope into the safe through it. This allows the safe technician to observe the changes in the safe’s locking mechanism while skillfully manipulating them from outside at the same time. With the right skill and sophisticated equipment, a professional safe opening technician should be able to perform this operation without any challenge.

Cutting and Prying

The cutting and prying method of opening a safe is mostly used by vandals that do not have the time of skill to make use of sophisticated safe unlocking tools. Although these methods somewhat ancient, some modern day locksmith still pry open light duty safes, usually at the expense of the safe itself. Prying a safe open is simple and quick method of opening a safe, but also requires some level of experience to get it done in a timely fashion. Cutting into a safe can only be serve as an effective way of opening a safe if the safe does not possess  “anti-safe cutting” properties. Some safe manufacturers have been known to take proactive measures against safe cutting by adding a layer of copper which disperses the heat of the cutting touch or a metal that would be quite difficult to cut through.

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