Door locks are critical for maintaining the privacy and security of your property. They are available in a wide variety of shapes for internal and external doors, and each one is designed to serve a particular purpose. Therefore, it is important to take into account a number of variables and choose the right one.

From too many options available, choosing the right one that perfectly suits your needs could be a challenging endeavor.

Here are some important factors that will make the overwhelming process easier for you.


The most important factor is important to consider for which area in your home you are looking for a lock? There are three main functional spaces in your home entry, passage and private.

Inarguably, when it comes to your entry door, you need a lock that provides the highest level of protection.

Interior doors usually do not need a higher lock than your entry door, therefore, you may go with simple latch handles or doorknobs.

Security Grade

Once you understand a certain type of lock, it is important to assess its grading.

The grading system of lock ranges from Grade 1 to Grade 3. For instance, deadbolts designed for are available in all three grades.

Grade 1 locks are engineered to provide the highest level of security and strength and are typically installed on the front door. They are designed for grades 2 and 3 for hallways, closets, and passageways.


Aesthetics is another factor to take into account; however, it should be influential in your decision to buy a lock only if function and security grade tick the right boxes.

Fortunately, locks with any functionality are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and finishes, and you can find one that perfectly complements the interior of your home.


Needless to say, price should be the least influential factor in your decision to purchase a lock. High-security locks are usually more expensive than their low-security counterparts. However, the price is far less than you may have to pay if your locks are compromised.

Final Words

There is not one lock available to suit all needs. Therefore, when choosing one for your property, do not simply pick one that ‘looks right. It is important to understand what type of lock you exactly need and choose the best one.

Lock Installation Services Los Angeles

Not only the selection of a lock should be made right, it needs to be installed accurately for a smooth and seamless operation. Therefore, it is important to hire a qualified locksmith to take care of the job.

No matter you are looking to install a new lock from scratch or replace all your existing locks in your property, we can provide accurate and professional advice on the best one.

Once you have it, we will install it on your door with precision and perfection so that

it operates at the maximum potential for decades to come.

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