Lock picking and lock bumping, are crafts that is getting a lot of attention nowadays. People are interested in finding out the good, the bad and the tolerable facts about each of these techniques. For some people, the interest is so much that they would want to venture in, although at first, they are discouraged by the lack of information. In this article, we lift the veil and look at the two crafts. Keep reading to find out how lock picking and lock bumping works.

Lock Picking

Lock picking, simply falls within the scope of physical bypassing. By passing is a technical term that refers to going around or through something, but not through the usual technique. Ideally, it refers to taking advantage of a weakness to leap the same benefits as when using the right approach.
You usually use a key to unlock the padlock. Padlocks come in different models. In a case where the padlock features a spring-loaded bolt to hold the shackle, one can simply bypass it using a thin sheet of metal and inserting it between the bolt and the shackle. This unlocks the padlock in the same way a key would have done. Lock picking could also involve the use of a blowtorch to melt the padlock to a frothy liquid, and gaining access to the locked room.

The two examples refer to the same thing. It is all about bypassing a lock without using the usual key. Lock picking requires strikingly artful and often performed anywhere without capturing attention of people.

Lock Bumping

This technique is used to open the pin tumbler lock. Thus, you need the bump key to manipulate and open the pin tumbler lock. The bump key is designed such that it matches the lock that it is to be used on.
The bump key is put into the keyhole and the end of the key is tapped using a hammer. This forces the lock pins to go above the shear line, and the pins line up easily allowing you to turn the key and open the lock.

Lock bumping is also an easy skill and just requires the use of right tools and a little practice. If you purchase the bump key and a hammer, you can easily learn the art of lock bumping. It takes less than half a minute to lock bump.
Therefore, for lock picking we are using two thin sheets of metal to bypass a lock, where the padlock utilizes spring-loaded bolt for holding the shackle. For lock bumping, we use the bump key and a hammer.

The two refer to unlocking a door without the use of the original key. Thus, they simply refer to the same thing, but the technique creates the difference. For professional lock bumping or lock picking, contact ASAP Locksmith.