Are you experiencing a house lockout after a key loss? The best solution you should be considering after locksmith for emergency lockout is locks rekeying. Well, you might be feeling lost after the locksmith recommends locks rekeying. In this post, we will cover what exactly locks rekeying is and explain what the procedure entails. With a better understanding, you will appreciate why the locksmith has recommended locks rekeying. Without further ado, let us get the ball rolling!

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Locks rekeying involves modifying the tumblers of your house door lock. That makes the misplaced keys no longer being able to unlock the door. So, it is more of changing the locking mechanism to come up with a different set of keys for the same old lock.
House lock rekeying is often confused for locks change. Consider that with rekeying, we have mentioned that you are changing the locking mechanism on the existing lock. This is just to make a new set of keys work on that lock. With locks change, the entire lock together with the keys is removed and replaced with a new door lock and set of keys.

Why Consider Rekeying When Lost Keys?

To ensure the integrity of your lock
In case you misplaced your house keys and you still are concerned about the security of your family and belongings, it is advisable that you consider locks rekeying. Ideally, with locks rekeying you are able to maintain key control with the new set. Therefore, even when someone with picks the lost keys by chance or with malicious intent, they cannot access the house after professional locks rekeying.

Locks Rekeying For Access Control After Lost Keys

Locks rekeying for access control is common within modern organizations where security is paramount. In case there is roles change, the person in charge of the room where access needs to be controlled can simply request for locks rekeying. This is a simple process and you do not need to inform other parties.

Locks Rekeying For Master Keying

Supposing you want to do away with carrying the bunch of keys and just keep a single key for all locks. Master keying is a common reason why homeowners and business people consider locks rekeying. In case you lost a whole bunch of keys, instead of replacing locks on all doors, you can request master keying, and the locksmith will do the locks rekeying on all locks to present you a single pair that can unlock all doors.
Therefore, we have seen that locks rekeying offer the homeowner several benefits. However, it is essential that we mention a professional locksmith should do locks rekeying. To avoid cases of lock jamming or broken keys after locks rekeying, always request for a qualified ASAP Locksmith for proper locks rekeying.

During locks rekeying, a professional locksmith will examine the existing lock and advise if it is in a good condition such that you can be able to do locks rekeying. In case there are some reservations on rekeying an existing lock, you will be advised accordingly. In a rare cased, locks rekeying is not possible. Under such circumstance, locks change is still a possible solution to ensure no unauthorized access.
Recently, lock manufacturers have begun offering locks that can be rekeyed by the consumer. However, this requires some experience in order to get the process right. If you are considering locks rekeying on the modern locks, consider consulting a professional locksmith who will take you through the steps. With proper guidance during your first lock rekeying, you shall be able to do it smoothly during repeat process. Call us now 866-550-5625