Keypad, RFID, Bluetooth, and Biometric.

Most electronic door locks come with one or more means of entry, which include RFID, keypad, fingerprint, or Bluetooth.



Early electronic locks used keypads with a pin number for entry. Keypads are still popular, although newer models use touchscreen panels instead of buttons and include security features to help prevent burglars from figuring out the code.



Radio Frequency Identification locks use a key fob or card for entry. With RFID technology, you may not have to remove the key fob from your pocket or purse, meaning no more fumbling in the dark or trying to find your keys when your arms are full to enter your home.



Bluetooth enabled locks operate in a similar way, sensing your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and opening when you approach. Most Bluetooth and RFID locks also use a secondary means of electronic entry, in case your battery dies, or you lose your key fob or cell phone.



Biometric entry uses fingerprint identification to open the lock. If you’ve used this feature on your smartphone or laptop, you understand how it works. All you do is program your fingerprint, or those you want to have access to your home, and the system knows this is an acceptable person to unlock for.

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