Locksmith Los AngelesLock bumping is method of opening traditional cylinder locks that has been in existence for decades. It is technique used long ago by locksmiths as means of opening locks when a key is not readily available. Lock bumping simply involves inserting a specially cut key into a lock, after which the outer end of the key is gently “bumped” with a small screwdriver or mallet. This bumping action forces the pins in the lock to skip their shear line as the key turns, causing the lock or door to open.

Lock bumping has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years due to its simplicity, accompanied with the fact that it requires no specific skill to carry out; making it a very effective way of opening traditional locks, since most homes and residential apartments still use the old fashion cylinder locks as their main source of security. The sad part about this lock opening technique is that it allows burglars and petty thieves to gain access into your home without any sign of breaking-in or forced entry.

Recognizing the fact that lock bumping is a real threat to the security of your home, loved ones and property is the first in protecting your home and love one against lock bumping by burglars. The second step simply involves hiring the services of a competent and trustworthy locksmith company to provide you with low cost, affordable and effective means of protecting your home against lock bumping.

As part of our professional residential lock and key services at Locksmith Los Angeles, we constantly furnish our numerous clients with a wide selection of budget friendly anti-lock bumping solutions to further ensure that our customers are well protected from the menace of lock bumping. Some methods through which you can safeguard your home and locks against lock bumping include:

  • Attaching chain latches to your external doors. Although this does not completely prevent your locks from being bumped, it however serves an added form of security for your home, making it a lot more difficult for burglar to gain access to your home.
  • Change your traditional, old fashioned cylinder locks with affordable bump-resistant. Although bump resistant locks are usually a tad more expensive than the conventional locks, you will however have the peace of mind knowing that lock bumping won’t work on them. Our in-house security experts at Locksmith Los Angeles are familiar with the best bump-resistant locks on the market. We would be happy to give you a price estimate on them. Call our customer information unit now on (323) 306-3291 about acquiring a bump-resistant lock for your home today!
  • Have an experienced locksmith company install a special anti-bump lock pin that will make it much more difficult for burglars and petty thieves to open your locks through bumping. If you are too busy to visit a locksmith shop, give Locksmith Los Angeles a call on (323) 306-3291 and we will send one of our experienced lock technicians to your home to help you install an anti-bump lock pin in your door locks immediately.
  • Replace you traditional cylinder locks with commercial grade security locks such as Kwikset or Schlage. These commercial grade locks are designed to be pick resistant, bump resistant, and built to provide complete security for your home.

Afraid your locks might be opened through lock bumping? Then call Locksmith Los Angeles today on (323) 306-3291 to speak with our in-house security consultants on how you can upgrade or improve your home security system in order to protect your home, loved ones and property all year round.

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