Let us tell you first, what is CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)? “Its TV system which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes”. Anyone who has installed the Cameras on his premises can see all visuals on TV or even on his mobile and Laptop with specific networking in the system.

Should I Install CCTV system?

When you have home office or shop that is important to you first thing that comes to your mind is that do you want to make it secure. The answer is definitely yes. You have to take few steps in order to secure all your valuable assets. There are many tools or ways which you can utilize to gain security one of them is CCTV. Among the other wonders of technology CCTV is one of them the most authentic when it comes to evidence and to keep an eye on your valuable business.

Top 5 reasons to install CCTV

If you are home office shop or any other premises that you own have no CCTV then you are at high risk of looting material in your premises or it will be very easy and piece of cake to rob your premise as he would know that there will be no if you have any doubt or you are thinking to install these CCTV cameras but you are in two minds, here are top 5 reasons for installing CCTV:

  1. Real-Time monitoring
    In today’s fast world if you are running a business and you have to move every day out of your office or home you can’t keep eye on things happening in your office or home. CCTV camera allows you to monitor everything in real time you can monitor things via your mobile screen and can guide your employee and family regarding anything.
  2. Theft Reduction
    If you have surveillance cameras installed in your premises. These CCTV cameras are enough for a prospective thief to think about his plan of action, he will have the idea that everything is getting a record and might be someone watching me on real-time and this can lead him to catch. You can secure your home and business via this.
  3. Digital Storage
    You can use these CCTV cameras as digital storage for yourself. There might be some event held or something rare happened in your premises so you can watch it later via these recorded videos.
  4. Monitor your Children
    A family is the most precious thing in one life. If you are outside of home and you have left your children at home, you can keep an eye on them via these cameras which will help you to protect them in many ways like if some stranger approaching them or any hazarded that’s around home and can be dangerous to them you can inform them via these cameras.
  5. Increase office productivity
    There are a lot of employees who don’t give attention or don’t do their best unless they are under the supervision of other or someone is looking them. In this case, you can keep an eye on those employees and fear of watching by business owner remotely can produce work.

How to install CCTV?

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