Rapid advancements in access control technology in recent times have enabled homeowners and businesses to look beyond traditional metal keys and have greater levels of convenience and security.

More and more property owners today rely on electronic access control systems, which manage and control access to a property using various authentication methods, including keycards and passcodes.

Top 5 Reasons To Go Keyless

There are a wide variety of reasons why switching to a keyless entry system can be beneficial for you. Some of them include;

1. Convenience

Keyless locks are easier to install and maintain than traditional locks and do not require any special tools or technical knowledge. They are a simple attachment installed on your door, and adding or revoking access is quick and simple.

Additionally, you won’t have to keep track of your physical keys or change locks and provide a new key to your employees every time. Keyless locks also help you avoid lockouts that arise as a result of lost, forgotten, or broken keys or frozen locks.

2. Better Access Control

Keyless entry systems allow you to get complete control over who can have access to a certain section of your building. You can customize the keycard or code of the employees to whom you want to grant access to the doors that are on the protected parts of your building. As a whole, every employee will have a single key that will let them access the unrestricted areas of the building.

In addition, if an employee has been terminated or left out following an argument, you can simply deactivate his code and have peace of mind knowing that he won’t be able to gain unauthorized access.

3. Tracking Entries

Most keyless electronic locks allow the property owners to keep track of who has gained access to your building and from which entrance. If you ever notice a security breach, these logs can help you in conducting a probe.

4. Enhanced Security

Physical keys can be easily duplicated, and locks can be easily picked and leave your building vulnerable to break-in, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, if your key goes missing, your building will be at risk until your locks are changed, which can be extremely expensive.

Moreover, since you will have access to your keyless entry system on your mobile device, you can easily check if all the doors on the premises are properly locked and lock from the palm of your hand if they are not.

5. Cost Cutting

Keyless entry systems help you save the costs of changing or rekeying locks over time and issuing a new key to employees every time. This is particularly true for businesses that have a high employee turnover rate, such as IT companies and retail stores. Most smart locks are operated by key cards, which can be replaced at a much less cost.

If the lock is operated by a code, it can be changed at no additional cost at all.

Final Words

Upgrading to a keyless entry system is a great way to overcome issues with the traditional lock-and-key method, get complete control over the access activities and make your premises safe and secure. The system is a particularly smart investment for small and enterprise businesses.

Keyless Lock Installation Services Los Angeles

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