Locksmith Los AngelesDifferent types of locks offer different levels of security depending on the lock construction. Locks that are merely just a door knob lock or lever handle lock would need a corresponding lock alongside it to make sure security levels are increased. Used alone it is only somewhat secure, a burglar can easily pick, foil or bump those locks open. Any type of knob lock will always come with a backup, a good option would be using a deadbolt this would dramatically increase your security.

Understanding basic locks is important for any consumer when repair or installations need to be completed by a professional locksmith at least you will have some basic knowledge either to avoid being ripped off, or to be able to make suggestions as to the type of security you feel your property should have.

Basic locks

Knob Lock – A simple lock normally installed in residential properties alongside another lock.

Lever Handle – Also a residential favorite but also used in commercial properties as it is handicap accessible.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt – A key is used from both sides, this is the safest to use on front doors alongside another lock

Door Lock Repair

Over time locks begin to wear and parts can start to disintegrate. Temperature changes can cause a property to move and shift slightly. This can affect how your locks match up to the whole in the door frame. It can be adjusted by a professional locksmith if you are not handy with tools yourself. If you are starting to notice that the key isn’t turning in the lock very well, you should have it seen too sooner rather than later before the key snaps of inside the lock or it stops working completely. Always better to look at things early before the damage becomes irreversible and new locks are needed to be installed.

Make sure you have the right locks installed for your property and make sure you’re being told the right ones too, hopefully this gave you a little bit of insight in to understanding basic locks.

As with any trade there are always some companies to be cautious of, make sure when you enlist the help of a locksmith to help install your basic locks you are receiving a certified, licensed, bonded and insured technician that has plenty of experience and knowledge of the industry. Most mobile locksmiths come to your location and fix your issue, either repair, install, rekey etc on site straight away. Mobile locksmiths work normally 24 hours so if you need new locks installed straight away they can do that and with your knowledge of basic locks at least you can understand what needs to be done.

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