When and why is it time to consider changing the locks?

This is something we should be asking ourselves just for the simple reason of feeling and being safe. Changing the locks is something that most people are aware of, but hardly come across into actually doing the work. Whether it is for a residential or business it’s always nice to know there is some type of security in a place we spend most of our times in or a place we keep our most important items.

Here are a few important reasons why you should change your locks:


Change locks after moving to new house

  • When moving into a new place I think we should always consider changing the locks. Who knows how many spare keys could possibly be out there from the past tenants. It’s always better to be secured than live with regret.

Break in or attempt to break in

  • A major time to change any locks is a break in or attempt to break in. There’s no questioning about changing your locks in a situation like this.

Lost Keys

Lost keys - Change lock
Lost keys
  • In the midst of losing our keys, we don’t really stop and think about what the consequences can be. Such as losing them in public which leads to someone picking them up; What might such person do with your keys? That’s a question you most likely wouldn’t want to experience. At that moment is when you should think about having a change of locks.

Old Locks

Old lock
Old lock
  • If the locks are worn out and difficult to use is another great reason to get the job done. With time locks become a bit stubborn and difficult to operate. Especially locks that have not been changed in a very long time. So if you see your lock acting up and not opening with the right key that should be an indication to renew your locks.

Other Situations

  • If you live with roommates it’s always a good idea to change your locks from time to time especially when an old roommate moves out or when you have a new roommate move In.
  • Lending your keys out to a professional, neighbor or even a friend should make you at least consider to change the locks. As we all know your locks don’t have an approximate time to be changed. Just certain circumstances and situations is what makes us change our locks.

How to change your locks?

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