Master Key System Los AngelesAlthough locks have been used to provide adequate security for homes and businesses for centuries, the only thing new to this fact is that locks have evolved rather fast due to the increased need for higher security, especially in the area of residential Locksmith and commercial security. One of the most prominent improvements in the area of commercial security is the ability of business owners to install the most appropriate security door locks on all the doors that provide access to several areas in their stores or office.
Manufacturers of high security locks have also come up with smart ideas on how to provide comprehensive security for both small and large buildings without excessively restricting the freedom of movement which the employees in such corporations are entitled. One of such brilliant ideas used by manufactures of commercial grade security locks have been using to achieve this means for several years in through the invention of the master key system.
With the size of office buildings and corporations increasing in the last few decades; as well as the rising number of people now living in large tower blocks and apartment buildings, the Master key system is no doubt the ideal solution for restricting and regulating access to these places, most especially if such office buildings and tower blocks are run by janitors or located in high crime areas..
The concept behind the master key system is typically based on the use of a master key, which has the ability to open several locks in a building, while each lock would still be unlocked by its own unique key–often called a change key.
Most home or business owners who desire to have a higher security system installed in their home or business would prefer a master key system with a cylinder system. This particular type of master key security gives you the opportunity to come and go at anytime of the day using your own change key while the janitor, facility manager or building superintendent would still be able to access the building for maintenance works using his own master key. The cylinder master key system is very useful in businesses, where the manager of the building would require a master key in order to open all locks of any entrance, office or supply room but the employees would only have the keys of their own office doors.
One of the amazing things about master key systems is that there can be variations in terms of the number of keys opening a specific door. What this means is that any number of workers who are authorized to access to four more offices other than theirs can have a key that would open these extra doors.
Depending on where you have chosen to have a master key system in place, you can always hire a commercial or residential locksmith to make several combinations for your master key system; and in each case, you will be guaranteed of the security of your home or business. The best part of this system is that the master lock system can be rekeyed as many times as the janitor is replaced or an employee has retired so you won’t have to worry about changing all the security locks on your office building all the time.

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