High-Security Locks Los AngelesWhen the time comes for you to change the locks in your home or apartment lock for whichever reason; it’s possible that your residential locksmith might offer you the option of replacing your locks with a high security lock or a cylinder lock. While for some, this may seem like a no brainer since budget is not an issue when it comes to providing security for their homes, but for others it is–since most high-security locks available on the market can be twice and even three times higher than the price of a regular cylinder lock. However, before replacing your regular padlocks, be sure to consult and discuss with an experienced residential locksmith technician on how to select the most affordable and top quality high security lock for your home or apartment.

What exactly is a High Security Lock?
A high security lock can come as a whole mechanism or a cylinder specifically designed to offer a higher level of resistance to tempering, burglary and forced entry than a regular cylinder padlock. High security locks are typically designed with extra security features that make then suitable for providing top quality security for homes and apartments; especially for individuals who reside in cities with high cases of burglary and break-in incidents.
If you are still contemplating or whether or not to go for a high security lock, here are some major differences between a High Security Locks and regular locks that you should know about:
1. Most high security locks now come with a coded card that is used in the key duplicating process. This extra security feature is designed to prevent non-authorized persons from making extra copies of your keys while giving you full key control.
2. Most traditional locks come with 5 or 6 vertical pins that align together once you enter your key in it and allow you to turn the plug that engages the lock’s mechanism. However, the system is relatively easy to manipulate using different lock opening techniques such as lock picking and lock bumping. The cylinders of High security locks on the other hand can have a system of up to 10 pins with a combination of vertical and side pins, floating pins and other elements that together make it much more difficult for a burglar or intruder to manipulate the system.
3. High security locks are typically made out of hardened metals, thus providing better security from forced entry and tempering unlike basic locks which are usually made of light materials. Some high security locks available on the market are almost un-drillable due to their heavy steel coating.
4. Durability – With high security locks, you can be rest assured that your locks will function smoothly for many years since they are usually made of durable and high quality materials.

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