Locksmith Los AngelesDid you know that windows are among the primary access points used burglars to gain entry into homes, shops, stores and offices? Sadly, this singular fact has remained unchanged for over centuries as even modern day burglars and criminal still find it easier to open unlocked windows when attempting a break in. A slanted or unlocked window is no doubt a welcome invite to even the most unskilled burglar in the neighborhood. Criminals and burglars will simply pry open a titled or unlocked window with a screwdriver and gain access into your home, office or store in a matter of seconds. However when your window is fully secured with standard window locks in place, such window will surely pose a great challenge to even the most prolific burglar that tries to attempt a break in or gain access to your home or office through the windows.

Burglars and petty thieves will surely not attempt a break in if your windows are well secured; neither should you as a homeowner or storeowner attract them to such by installing substandard window locks in your store, office or home. There are a wide range of window locks on the market you can opt for in order to fully protect your home or office. Here are a couple of window locks you can hire a competent and reliable locksmith technician to install for you:

  • Sliding Window Locks – Sliding window locks are quite easy to install and mounted on either side of the window track by twisting a pair of wing nuts in place to hold it firmly to the window. The sliding window locks enable you to open your windows while still keeping them securely locked into place.
  • Window Latch Locks – This type of locks are locks are inexpensive mostly found on many windows. The window latch lock is fixed to one section of the window and securely connects to the other section when closed. The window latch lock is operated by turning the handle on the latch to lock the windows into place.
  • Hinged Wedge Locks – The hinged wedge lock offers two functions to double-hung windows. When securely in place, the hinged lock prevents the window from fully opening. The window opens only as far as where the lock has been installed. The hinged lock can push inward towards the window to allow the window to completely slide open. This can be a nightmare for a would-be burglar, as they will not spend the hassle or time to pry the window open.
  • Keyed Sash Locks – Keyed sash locks are mostly suited for double-hung windows. They mount to the side of the window sash and can only be opened or closed with a key. Once the keyed sash is firmly secured in its position, you will be required to remove the lock with the key to open the window.

Windows and window locks play an important role in every residential and commercial security system. Asides from providing aesthetics to buildings, they are also meant to keep thieves and burglars at bay. If you are having problems with your window locks, then you need to contact a locksmith company immediately to discuss various window lock repair or replacement options that suite your budget.