Windows and Security

Windows and SecurityAs the time has evolved security has become one of the major concerns for people residing particularly in the urban areas. With the urban cities and spaces being more accessible, it also brings along its own risks. This is not only true for homes; this also applies to shops, malls, restaurants and any such place that involves a risk of large amount of money or any costly commodity. A number of times we tend to avoid security measure and conveniently excuse ourselves because someone from our family, or house staff is always present at our home, however a statistic suggests otherwise “According to a crime victimization survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, a household member is present during approximately 28% of burglaries, and 7% of these victims experienced some type of violent crime.” So it’s time to come out of your constant denial zone and make a wise choice, chose safety and call a locksmith. Here are some ways your locksmith might be able to help you. Not all locksmiths can help you with all of these but you might want to research.

  1. Install window restrictors: No it will not alarm you, nor will it you know if someone is trying to break through hour window, what it will do is restrict space. It is much known as a safety measure if you have children in the house but it is also a great tool for security. Window restrictors give very little space when someone tries to open the window and it sure will leave anyone trying to break into the house struggling.
  2. Install additional devices: It is a good idea to add to the window, use grills and bars. Use material that is not easily breakable or easily cut. Grills and bars lower the possibility of intruders trying to break through them because it will automatically look like a lot of work to break into these layers of devices.
  3. Install security window films: When thinking about windows and security, we should also be thinking about all possibilities. So there is definitely a possibility of having a direct attack. Secure yourself from a shattered glass by installing a security film over your windows, so even if the glass breaks it doesn’t shatter.
  4. Install secure locks: Invest in locks that are not easy to break through; there are a number of ways to cut into the traditional ones. So try using the newer ones. Deadbolts, vinyl window lock or window sash locks could be smart choices to begin with.
  5. Install alarms and censors: If you locksmith does this, he is the ultimate favorite for all. Censors and alarms are the easiest traps when it comes to intruders, once they try to break through the censor detects motion and the alarm starts ringing, just the right amount of coordination to save every important and precious thing that is in your house.

Hence it is prove to be true, make locksmiths your best friends so that you never have to worry about baby proofing or burglar proofing. Happy Window Security!

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