Type of Locks

When it comes to safety, knowing about the different kinds of locks out there becomes important. Due to the vast variety of locks we’ll look at the ones you’ll encounter the most and hence you can tweak your security accordingly. Padlocks These are the most common and easy to recognize locks. Their most convenient feature … Continue reading Type of Locks

Standard Locksmith Tools

Every seasoned locksmith knows the importance of having the right set of tools and equipment’s ready and available when striving to deliver professional and high class locksmith service to their clients. Most of these locksmith tools are majorly used in situations where a clients require   swift and effective solutions to residential, commercial and or automotive … Continue reading Standard Locksmith Tools

Window Locks

Did you know that windows are among the primary access points used burglars to gain entry into homes, shops, stores and offices? Sadly, this singular fact has remained unchanged for over centuries as even modern day burglars and criminal still find it easier to open unlocked windows when attempting a break in. A slanted or … Continue reading Window Locks